• Material Number15247511
    • Manufacturer Name WOODSTREAM CORPORATION
    • Mfr # M142S
    • UPC 072868122798
    • UoMPackage
    • Scale
      6 Package per 1 Case

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    Product Details

    Whether just spotted first mouse or are in the middle of an ongoing rodent battle, Victor® Power-Kill™ mouse traps help stop the problem in a snap. Thanks to a large food trough and a one click setup, the Power Kill™ trap is easy to bait and set. Once the mouse jostles the large trigger pedal, the high impact Kill Bar™ swiftly closes, causing a quick, humane kill. The round trough keeps the bait neatly contained and its large size makes it easy to load with peanut butter or other tasty substances. Pull back on the high impact Kill Bar™ until hear a click and ready to go. Can place the Victor® mouse trap anywhere notice rodent activity or along a wall where mice typically travel. Once the mouse touches the trip pedal, the high impact Kill Bar™ immediately snaps closed, bringing about a quick end. Afterward, the one step spring action lets easily remove the rodent without contact and without worrying about accidental snaps. More often than not, if have a mouse - have mice, so can use Victor® mouse traps more than once. After discarded victim, simply reset and reuse. The oversize trip pedal catches mice looking for a free meal along with casual wanderers. High impact kill Bar™ for a quick, humane kill. Large bait trough for easy baiting. Set and release with just one click. Large trip pedal is easily activated by mouse. Use anywhere indoors or outdoors. No chemicals or poisons, can be used around children and pet. Trap is reusable or disposable. Easy to set with one simple 'click'. For runway trapping, for living rooms, kitchens, attics, basements, garages.