• Material Number13298568
    • Manufacturer Name ANIMED/AHC PRODUCTS INC.
    • Mfr # 90700
    • UPC 694244907005
    • UoMJar
    • Scale
      6 Jar per 1 Case
      600 Jar per 1 Pallet

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    • BUGLYTE - 1.5LB - EACH

    Product Details

    Knocks out pets the natural way! Contains no fillers, only active nutritional ingredients such as garlic and thiamine. BugLyte also contains these natural ingredients: DeOdorase® forms part of the nutritional strategy to reduce the impact of ammonia from animal waste, reducing manure odor and pest attraction. Yea-Sacc® 1026 supports normal digestion; stabilizes cecal and colon pH; and aids gastrointestinal health, stability, and integrity. 1.5lb. Each.