• Material Number15524024
    • Manufacturer Name BAYER HEALTHCARE LLC
    • Mfr # 00724089721303
    • UPC 724089721303
    • Size 10OZ
    • UoMEach
    • Scale
      12 Each per 1 Case
      1368 Each per 1 Pallet

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    • CATRON™ IV 10 OZ

    Product Details

    Catron® IV is an aerosol spray used directly on beef cattle, lactating and non lactating dairy cattle, horses, sheep, swine* and dogs. It controls a number of key pests including screwworms, fleece worms (wool maggots), flies, mosquitoes, blow fly maggots, gnats, ear ticks, bloodsucking lice and fleas. Kills lice and their eggs. It contains a blue dye for easy identification and is used on wounds to kill and repel flies and fly maggots. *Do not ship swine for slaughter within five days of last treatment.

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