• Material Number21263472
    • Manufacturer Name ZOETIS US LLC
    • Mfr # 10009573
    • UPC 087219112779
    • UoMBag
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      20 Bag per 1 Pallet

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    • ACTOGAIN™ 45 25 LB BAG

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    Product Details

    ACTOGAIN™ 45 is a new beta agonist product that gives feedlot managers a choice about which ractopamine hydrochloride product they want to add to the finishing ration. It boosts average daily gain, improves feed efficiency and increases carcass leanness in feedlot cattle. The active ingredient in ACTOGAIN is ractopamine hydrochloride, which has 10 years of proven performance in feedlots. ACTOGAIN can help: •Maximize feedlot performance — Increase average daily gain and improve feed efficiency during the last 28 to 42 days on feed, the time when cattle are their most efficient. •Optimize beef on the rail — Increase carcass leanness when fed in a complete feed. •Give feedlot managers the power to choose — The flexibility of the ACTOGAIN label lets feedlot managers choose the dosage, duration and type of feed that works best for their performance, marketing and operational goals.

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