• Material Number19810762
    • Manufacturer Name BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM
    • Mfr # 135534
    • UPC 012313120320
    • Size 50 DOSE
    • UoMBottle
    • Scale
      1 Bottle per 1 Each
      10 Bottle per 1 Case
      50 Dose per 1 Bottle
    • Temperature 36-46 F (cooler)

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    • BAR-VAC® CD/T 250 ML (50 DOSES)

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    Product Details

    Clostridium Perfringens Types C & D - Tetanus Toxoid. Bar Vac CD/T toxoid is prepared from cultures of the organisms listed. Alum precipitated. Contains antigens for Cl perfringens Types C and D plus tetanus.Immunity may be provided against the beta and epsilon toxins elaborated by Cl perfringens Type B.Sub-Q administration. Approved for cattle, sheep and goats. Allows the animal to specifically target the toxin causing disease. Saves time and labor because fewer injections are necessary. Eliminates tissue damage resulting from IM administration. 5ml dose for cattle, 2 ml dose for sheep and goats.

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