• Material Number19636984
    • Manufacturer Name ZOETIS US LLC
    • Mfr # 10009912
    • UPC 87219003954
    • Size 10 DOSE
    • UoMBottle
    • Scale
      10 Dose per 1 Bottle
      100 Bottle per 1 Case
    • Temperature 36-46 F (cooler)

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    • ULTRABAC® 7 10 DOSES

    Product Details

    For use in healthy cattle and sheep as an aid in preventing blackleg caused by Clostridium chauvoei, malignant edema caused by Cl septicum, black disease caused by Cl. novyi, gas-gangrene caused by Cl. sordellii, and enterotoxemia and enteritis caused by Cl. perfringens types B, C, and D. Although Cl. perfringens type B is not a significant problem in North America, immunity is provided by the beta toxoid of type C and the epsilon toxoid of type D.

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