ALPHA-7/MB™-1 100 ML (50 DOSES)

    • Material Number13624856
    • Manufacturer Name BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM
    • Mfr # 138413
    • UPC 012313115371
    • Size 50 DOSE, 100ML
    • UoMBottle
    • Scale
      1 Bottle per 1 Each
      10 Bottle per 1 Case
      50 Dose per 1 Bottle
    • Temperature 36-46 F (cooler)

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    • ALPHA-7/MB™-1 100 ML (50 DOSES)

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    Product Details

    Recommended for the vaccination of healthy, susceptible cattle as an aid in the reduction of diseases caused by the Clostridlal organisms (Clostiridium chauvoei, Cl septicum, Cl novyi, Cl sordellii, Cl perfringens Types C and D), and for the prevention and control of pinkeye in healthy cattle caused by Moraxella bovis.

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